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Important Air Purifiers Selection Information
Air purifiers airflow
Air purifiers filter efficiency
Air purifiers and ultraviolet (UV) light

Air Purifiers: Hospital Isolation, Medical, & Dental
Air purifiers: construction/renovation, esp. hospitals
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Portable Air Purifiers Product Line

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Honeywell F112A,C; F113A,C Commercial Portable Air Cleaners

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Production of the F113 has been suspended until September, 2013.  Inventory is exhausted.

Yes Yes No No No The F112A,C; F113A,C portable air cleaners are designed for use in commercial applications to remove airborne particles and odors.  Typical applications include restaurants, bars, schools, offices, day care centers, smoking lounges, and any indoor space where people meet, work, or play.
Airpura Air Cleaners & Purifiers Yes Yes No Yes Yes A completely new line of powerful Air Purifiers & Air Cleaners with eight models from which to choose.  Delivering between 415 - 450 CFM of filtered air, these machines incorporate advanced technologies including true HEPA filters to trap submicron particles, carbon blend gas & odor adsorption media, ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) to kill pathogens, & photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) to remove gases/odors & pathogens.  Select the machine model tailored to your requirements.
Friedrich C-90B Electronic Air Purifiers

Friedrich has halted production of the C90, but we continue to offer replacement carbon filters in our online store.

No Yes No No No The top-rated Friedrich C90A Air Cleaner is now even better as the re-engineered Friedrich C90B. Uses a unique three-stage process to eliminate airborne pollutants from your room air.

MiracleAir PM400UV portable commercial air cleaner with carbon

This machine has recently been renamed PM400.  The UV feature has been removed.

Yes Yes No Yes No Commercial quality with hospital grade true HEPA filter, gas/odor filter, and ultraviolet light (UV) for destruction of pathogens.  Made by a leading manufacturer with 30 years of experience in commercial and industrial air cleaning.  New!  proprietary media blend option for the removal of gases and odors from urine.
New! DesignAir portable electronic electrostatic air cleaners with carbon No Yes No No No This superb electrostatic precipitator is based on the legendary Smokemaster Model P600XL.  The traditional woodgrain cabinet of the Model P600XL has been upgraded to a sheet metal cabinet on casters.
Smokemaster P600XL wall mountable portable electronic air cleaner (wall mountable with optional wall mount kit) No Yes No No No A very high quality portable electrostatic precipitator rated a "BEST BUY" in 1998 by a major consumer product evaluation organization.
Austin Air HealthMate™ Portable Indoor Air Cleaners Yes Yes No No No with hospital grade true HEPA filter and  gas/odor filter; a top rating from a major consumer testing organization.  Available in ten models: 1) Plus, 2) HEGA, 3) Standard, 4) Allergy Machine, 5) Junior Plus, 6) Junior HEGA,  7) Junior Standard, 8) Baby Breath, 9) Guardian, & New! 10) The PET Machine for pet dander & odors.
Amaircare Portable Air Purifiers Yes Yes No No No a variety of attractive room HEPA filter air purifiers with sorbent media for gases/odors.  Included are air purifiers for automobiles that operate on 12 VDC electricity by plugging into cigarette lighter receptacle.  Four models.
TRACS 5-Stage Portable Air Cleaners Yes Yes No Yes No 250 CFM airflow with carbon, certified hospital grade HEPA+ filtration, HEPA locking system to prevent air bypass, and Ultra-Violet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) to destroy pathogens.
EZ Air 4-Stage Portable Air Cleaners Yes Yes No No No with carbon, certified hospital grade HEPA+ filtration, and HEPA locking system to prevent air bypass.  Same as TRACS, but without the UV lamps.

Print Shops, Art Studios, Manufacturing, Home & Office, Mortuaries, Coroners,  Odor Control, Police,  Sheriff, & other law enforcement Evidence Rooms, HEPA air purifiers for construction and renovation in hospitals & other job sites.

Electrocorp portable commercial air cleaner with carbon

Yes Yes No No No Unique line of high delivered airflow portable air purifiers for removal of gases and/or particulates.  Specialized air purifiers for laser engravers, art studios, art galleries, printing, manufacturing, mortuaries, coroners, evidence rooms, office, and home applications.  Ask if you do not see the machine you need.

HEPA air cleaners & air wash carts  for construction and renovation in hospitals and other job sites

Specialty Portable HEPA Cart Air Cleaner for construction & renovation & portable commercial air cleaner with carbon

Yes Yes No No No High capacity roll-around HEPA filter air purifiers with carbon to remove gases and odors as well as particulates.  Ductable exhaust is ideal for construction and renovation  applications which require positive or negative pressure to isolate and contain particulates and gases.  May also be used to recirculate filtered air to achieve the desired number of air changes per hour.

Air Quality Awareness Quiz - Click Here


Air Purifiers Review & Prices


*HEPA: High Efficiency Particulate Arresting filter meeting a minimum efficiency for particulates of 99.97% at 0.3 microns

GAS & ODOR: Contains sorbent media such as carbon, impregnated carbon, blended carbon for adsorption of gases/odors.

EMF: Main filter is placed in an electric field to increase particulate efficiency of filter media.

UVGI: Ultra-Violet Germacidal Irradiation to kill pathogens

PCO: Photo-catalytic Oxidation to remove gases/odors and pathogens.

Portable vs Central Air Cleaners?
If you want to clean the air in your entire home and you have central heating and/or air conditioning with ducts installed, you should also consider our central in-duct air cleaning systems.  A central system provides less noise, better clean air distribution, and the ability to provide filtered fresh air to the home.  If you are a commercial or industrial customer please contact us for further information.

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ALLERGY AND ASTHMA SUFFERERS:  We recommend a machine incorporating HEPA filtration technology for individuals with allergies.  If you have asthma, please avoid ozone.

CHEMICAL SENSITIVITIES If you have chemical sensitivities purchase a machine with sorbent media to remove gases and odors.  If any of the occupants are chemically sensitive avoid ozone and potassium permanganate.


Worldwide Supplier of Air Purifiers, Air Cleaners, Air Filters, Dust Collectors, & Mist Collectors shipping from North America. 
Many, but not all models are displayed.  Air Purifiers are available with a variety of electrical options to meet the power standards of most countries.

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