All air purifiers are powered by electricity, so electrical safety must be observed.

Instructions for use:

  • The data sheet indicates the recommended area for which the air purifier is designed. Do not disregard this figure to clean the air effectively;
  • Do not place the air purifier in corners or blind spots (behind furniture, under a table, in a cabinet);
  • The device cleans the air only in the room where it is installed. The most appropriate place for an air purifier is in the bedroom, this is where most microorganisms and dust are concentrated. Some air purifiers are not designed for use in rooms with high humidity, such as bathrooms;
  • Unplug the air purifier if you do not use it for an extended period of time;
  • Do not cover the openings on the unit or place foreign objects in them;
  • Before first use, remove all packaging material from the filters for proper operation of the air purifier;
  • Avoid direct sunlight and any heat exposure to the unit. Electrical appliances such as TV and microwave should be placed at least 1 meter away from the air purifier;
  • Do not touch the appliance with wet hands;
  • If the unit is malfunctioning, do not repair it yourself, contact the service center;
  • The appliance is not intended for use by children or disabled persons unless they are able to comply with electrical safety rules, unless supervised by other responsible persons;
  • Before replacing the filter of the UV lamp and other elements, make sure that the unit is unplugged. 12;
  • Do not close the window while the air purifier is in operation, the air currents are beneficial for the quality of the air purification.

How to Clean an Air Purifier

The air purifier gets dirty both outside and inside during use.

The air cleaner should not be cleaned with gasoline, solvents or harsh detergents, nor should you use flammable sprays. It is enough to wipe the housing with a damp soft cloth.

How do I clean the inside of the air purifier? Use a soft cloth to remove dust from the air intake or filter compartment to ensure optimal ventilation.

Don’t forget to replace the filters on time, they are the ones that ensure the quality of the cleaned air. Do not use the filters longer than they are supposed to last. So the air will not be cleaned, on the contrary, it will be contaminated even more because of the dirt accumulated by the filter.

When to Change Filters

Doctors recommend using an air purifier 24 hours a day to maintain health. The air purifier is warranted to work for 8 hours a day, so if you use it 24 hours a day, you have to change the filters before it is supposed to work. Also the life of the filters is reduced when using the device in the rooms with the accumulation of oil and soot vapors.