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Clean air is a critical element in today’s challenging and aggressive business environment.  Both customers and employees demand clean indoor air and we can make it easy and inexpensive to meet their needs.  Also, air cleaners reduce utility costs by keeping the air conditioning coils clean and destratifying heated or cooled air.  Our superior products are unparalleled in quality, air cleaning performance, and increasing your return on investment.

Our comprehensive line of air cleaning equipment uses a wide range of application-specific state-of-the-art technologies to remove virtually all types of airborne contaminants.  Most of our commercial air cleaners utilize the Coanda airflow principle to ensure complete mixing and cleaning of indoor air.  Functional design makes our durable equipment quick & easy to install.

Let our years of experience in air quality control save you money, improve your business, & help you generate a stronger bottom line.


Our attractive surface mounted air cleaners are ideal for businesses with sheetrock or other hard ceilings. These units simply attach to or are hung from ceiling joists and can be plugged into a nearby outlet.  No ductwork required.

Our flush mounted air cleaners are virtually unnoticeable!  They fit into drop ceilings and feature contemporary styling.  Designed for optimum noise control, these units are ideal for quiet environments often associated with drop ceilings.  No ductwork required.

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Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Electrostatic Air Cleaners

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F116 Stand-Alone Ductable Air Cleaners
F120 Series Room Cleaning Air Cleaners


F111 Ceiling-Mount Media Air Cleaners
F114 Ceiling-Mount Media Air Cleaners
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Electronic Air Cleaners are optimal for tobacco smoke and very small particles: exactly what you need for cigarette, cigar, and pipe smoke!  Developed from industrial-grade air cleaning technology, two-stage electronic air cleaners place a positive charge on the smoke particles as they enter the electronic cell.  The charged particles then pass through the alternately charged washable metal plates in the collector section.  The negatively charged plates attract the smoke particles just like a magnet (negative plates attract positive smoke particles).  with no filters to replace, maintenance is limited to just washing the electronic cells!  And, electronic air cleaners are the most energy efficient; check the specs!

Media Filtration Air Cleaners are also excellent for removing airborne contaminants and we have a complete line featuring this technology.  The NEW EverClear™ and CM-12 utilize a standard 95% D.O.P. @ 0.3 micron hospital grade HEPA type filter.  The M67 is available with optional 95% Efficient Extended Service Filter.  This means we offer you the most air cleaning media per dollar.  More media area allows for longer filter life and less frequent filter replacement, saving you time and money!

Carbon Adsorption Air Cleaning is the technology of choice for the removal of gases and odors.  Our CM-12 air cleaners are available with up to 22 pounds of activated granular carbon blend.  The EverClear™ is available with up to 44 pounds of activated granular carbon blend.  No other product line offers so much air cleaning power in such a compact package!


TECHNOLOGY:    Our comprehensive product line allows you to choose the best technology fit for your business; Electronic or Media filtration.  Electronic air cleaners excel at catching fine smoke particles, use less energy and the durable cells are easily cleaned so there are no costly filters to replace.  Media air cleaners are also highly efficient at capturing fine smoke particles, the HEPA – type filters are long lasting & disposable and the media air cleaners can be ordered with significantly greater amounts of activated granular carbon than electronic air cleaners.

MOUNTING:    Our equipment is easily installed.  Selection of the most appropriate air cleaners is determined by the type and height of the ceiling in your business.  The EverClear™, X-11, and X-400 are designed to install flush in a commercial drop ceiling.  The C-12, CM-12, and the M67 are designed for surface mounting.  All of our surface mounted air cleaners come standard with a 10-foot power cord (M67 has 8-foot cord) with a molded plug.

Our wide range of products offer air cleaning technologies and mounting styles to meet any business need.  Contact us today for more information and a quotation for equipment optimized to meet your specific requirements.

Special Air Cleaners for Nail Salons

If you, your employees, and your clients are suffering because you own or operate a nail salon and provide manicures and pedicures then you should consider our FumeFighter® for source capture and removal of gases and fumes before they reach the breathing zone.   In addition, you should consider the models CM-11F and CM-12 Deluxe listed above and the portable model MiracleAir PM-400 and portable RSU##CC and RAP##CC located in the portable section of the site.


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