The unfavorable environmental situation, oversaturation with transport and industrial facilities is the main problem of our time. A person has to breathe harmful substances, impurities, resins. Wet cleaning and ventilation do not solve the problem, so the air purification system has become an essential component of the modern home, office, children’s institutions and public.

The latest technology used in modern air purifiers are designed to keep people safe from potential problems. In these devices implemented a multi-stage, high-quality filtration system for thorough air purification. The remote control of the fine oxygen purifier helps to control it from a distance by pre-setting the degree of humidity and filling with beneficial ions.

Decide for what purpose you want to use the device and what work area is to be treated. If the room is gassy and saturated with odors, such as a kitchen, dining room, cafe, restaurant choose an air purifier with built-in oxygen ionization function. It will provide freshness and cleanliness combined with air conditioning and humidification functions.

Air purifiers are exactly for those people who are not going to accept bad ecology and want to breathe clean air. A special contingent of users-people who are prone to allergic reactions of the body, having chronic respiratory diseases. Innovative technologies used in modern air purifiers help you cope with the most difficult tasks, to clean the air from unpleasant dust and other dangerous impurities.

The main requirements for cleaning and humidification systems are:

  • The capacity of the unit must be able to “run” 200-300% of the volume of air mass in the room in one hour of operation at minimum power mode.
  • It is necessary to take into consideration for whom the system is bought. If you have a family or a group of people who suffer from allergies or smoke, it is better to choose a device with a better filtration system. Pay attention to the noise level produced by the device. For residential premises, this figure should be minimal.
  • Air purification systems can be floor standing (desktop) and suspended. To free the rooms from the standard set of pollutants, we advise you to place these units closer to the floor – that is where coarse and heavy dust particles gather to the greatest extent. A cleaner placed on a cabinet, for example, would be less effective.
  • Arrangement of systems with an air freshener allows a pleasant, unpretentious fragrance to be distributed around the room. A fragrance agent is placed in a specialized compartment, gradually evaporating, it interacts with the purified air. Popular scents include the smell of roses, eucalyptus oil, mint, and orange.