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Comparison of the MistBuster® with Centrifugal Type Mist Collectors

In contrast to the electrostatic MistBuster® there are several inherent problems with centrifugal type mist collector units. One is that without an expensive HEPA postfilter the centrifugal type unit does not collect the fine mist. Secondly, centrifugal units are quite maintenance intensive. The water or oil droplets accumulated on the high rpm rotation drums cause the drum to run out of balance which damages the bearings in a short time. third, the units are also noisy.

Contrary to centrifugal units the electrostatic MistBuster® is a less expensive, effective, low maintenance, low energy consumption, self cleaning and quiet unit which has proven itself to the point that some of our customers have discarded existing competitive models and replaced them with our MistBuster®.

The MistBuster® is the ideal choice for removing petroleum, synthetic, and water-soluble machining fluid mists and smoke. The ever increasing vigilance of OSHA with regards to the potential toxicity of cutting fluid mist, makes this the right time to address these issues. The MistBuster®’s combination of high efficiency, low maintenance and price make it unique in the marketplace. It’s advantages over outdated competitive offerings are great.

  1. Centrifugal - vibrations, does not handle smoke, noisy; no speed control, increased down time due to out of balance drum condition.

  2. Media - Airflow drops off as filters plug with mist, requires greater energy dollars to operate, expensive filters to replace, no speed control,

  3. MistBuster® - High efficiency on both smoke and mist, no vibration problem, variable speed control, less than 250 watts to operate, three year parts warranty low maintenance and no filters to replace.

MistBuster® vs. Other Technologies

Decision Factor MistBuster® Centrifugal Media Filtration


3 stage process
  1. Low velocity impaction
  2. Electrostatic precipitation
  3. Agglomeration
  4. optional HEPA post-filtration
A high velocity/high energy process.
  1. The impeller accelerates large drops
  2. inertial separation and impaction removes large drops
Low velocity impaction and filtration


Optimal high-efficiency for mist and smoke Does not collect smoke or fine droplets. Actually creates fine droplets by breaking up large drops in the high energy acceleration process High efficiencies are possible. However they often plug up and restrict air flow.
Noise Very Low (Like a desk fan.) Very High (Siren-like screech) High restriction leads to needless fan noise (like a big shop fan)
Maintenance Minimal: Often self-cleaning Requires frequent cleaning to remove accumulated mist & dust that causes impeller imbalance. Periodic filter replacement is required. Airflow decreases with each day of operation
Maintenance Cost Negligible Imbalanced impellers cause machine tool vibration and loss of precision. Frequent cleaning required to avoid imbalance Cost of replacement filters and labor for removing and replacing filters. Disposal can be problematic.
Energy Costs Negligible (230 Watts) 700-2100 Watts 700- 2100 Watts
Price / CFM Lowest Moderate Moderate

MistBuster® Demonstration Video      (Free RealPlayer®)

The new REVOLUTIONARY MistBuster® eliminates all types of coolant mist - including hard to catch smoke and extra-fine pressurized coolant mist. This All New Concept uses an innovative application of proven technologies. The MistBuster® works better and is a better value than old-style centrifugal separators. Why? The New MistBuster offers the following advantages:

  • Prefilter stops chips from blowing through.

  • Stops smoke

  • Stops ultra-fine pressurized coolant mist.

  • No drum to load up with chips and go out-of-balance.

  • No vibration problems

  • No bearing wear problems from out-of-balance conditions.

  • Easy Installation

  • No obligation 30-day performance guarantee*

Satisfied customers include demanding precision shops such as Remelle Engineering, Jore, Hayden Precision, etc. Many references available.

The New MistBuster® is truly a technological advance. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to purchase a cost-effective and highly efficient product. The New MistBuster® will delight you with its long life, high performance and low maintenance. And, it eliminates the centrifugal headaches!

For enclosed machine tool applications where the open area is less than 3-4 sqft.: Mistbuster 500
For more demanding applications where the machine tool is not enclosed see:       Mistbuster Quad

* Certain restrictions apply, please inquire.


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