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PDF T600
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PDF I600
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R600 Manual
V600 Manual
UV600 Manual
P600 Manual
T600 Manual
H600 Manual
I600 Manual
C600 Manual

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Airpura Air Purifiers & Air Cleaners

A Completely New Air Purifier  
With all the design improvements you've been looking for...
  airpura portable air purifiers and portable air cleaners

All models are 22" high, 15" diameter
Model UV600 shown

Complies with the
federal ozone emissions limit.
California ARB certified.


airpura portable air purifiers and portable air cleanersSimplified
Unobstructed air flow
In other systems air moves around different chambers and changes direction. Airpura simplifies air flow for quieter more efficient performance and reduces noise.

Powerful, variable speed integrated fan/motor
You choose the rate you clean your air from super quiet to premium power filtering.

Pressure sealed filter chamber
All of the air is filtered. No particles or gases bypass the filters.

Cleanest Air
Combination of True HEPA and Activated Carbon with UV option
Superior quality true HEPA and activated carbon with optional UV sterilization delivers truly clean air for home, office and industrial application

See selection chart below

For sizing information, click here

Airpura Air Purifiers Feature Summary
(All 120V, 60Hz units have 3-prong grounded electrical plug)
Click on
for pdf brochure
Delivered Airflow
 (CFM, high)
for large particles
HEPA Filter (sqft)
for small particles
Carbon (lbs)
for gases & odors
TitanClean Photocatalytic Oxidation
microorganisms, gases, & odors

R-600 Manual

435 YES 40 18 No No airborne chemicals, gases, and particles

V-600 Manual

435 YES 40 18
potassium iodide impregnated
No No Similar to R600  with boosted affinity for low molecular weight gases such as formaldehyde and ammonia

UV-600 Manual

435 YES 40 18 YES
(30,000 uW-sec/cm2)
pathogen kill chart
No chemicals, gases, particles, & microorganisms

P-600 Manual

435 YES 40 18 YES YES

photo catalytic air cleaners for VOCs, airborne chemicals, odors, particles, & microorganisms

HEPA filter in metal casing coated with additional titanium dioxide for increased Photocatalytic Oxidation over the P-600
435 YES 40 18 YES YES

titanium dioxide air purifier for VOCs, airborne chemicals, odors, particles, & microorganisms

Wall mount brackets available

T-600 Manual

415 YES HEPA-Barrier post filter 26 No No tars and chemicals from tobacco smoke
T600 Deluxe

T600 TV


Same as T600, above, except coconut shell carbon is impregnated with potassium iodide for low molecular weight gases.


H-600 Manual

450 YES 40 Hi-C carbon weave filter Optional No relief for allergy and asthma sufferers as well as anywhere particles are a problem
Negative Air accessories available

I600 Manual

450 YES 100 Optional
(Hi-C carbon weave filter)
(30,000 uW-sec/cm2)
No rapid isolation room set up

C-600 Manual

415 YES HEPA-Barrier post filter 26 refillable
(Special carbon blends available)
No No airborne chemicals and gases


  • Prices - Portable Air Purifiers Prices
    ** These models are eligible for an additional discount as set forth below when shipped to residents affected by wildfires.  Check the Wildfire special checkbox in the online store when ordering to receive the additional discount.

    Additional Discounts:
    Models V600, UV600, C600: $50.00
       Models P600, P600+:            $100.00

Worldwide Supplier of Air Purifiers, Air Cleaners, Air Filters, Dust Collectors, & Mist Collectors shipping from North America. 
Many, but not all models are displayed.  Air Purifiers are available with a variety of electrical options to meet the power standards of most countries.

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