GUARDIAN AIR CLEANERS & FILTERS ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE BY THE GENERAL PUBLIC.  SEE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE FOR ALTERNATIVE REPLACEMENT FILTERS.  Except for the replacement filters, the remainder of this page is being retained for archival purposes and may be disregarded.

The Guardian model gas, vapor, & odor controller air cleaners
were developed for and purchased by the U.S. Army for the
Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program (CSEPP).

Will breathing clean air, really make that big a difference to how you feel?The Austin Guardian 1 gas, vapor, & odor remover is an extra measure of protection during a CSEPP event.  Military carbon cloth (the same kind used in bio/chem suits) and activated carbon combine to adsorb hundreds of harmful gases and vapors.  This filter design is unique to the Guardian 1 and provides unparalleled protection for you and your family.When a building or room is tightly sealed, contaminated outside air can still enter.  The addition of the Austin Guardian 1 gas, vapor, & odor controller to your Shelter In Place kit will reduce the hazard of these vapors.In the event of a CSEPP event, your Guardian 1 air purifier has been designed to be fully operational as soon as you plug it in.  In 2003, the Guardian air purifier was chosen by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for use in Anniston, Alabama where the destruction of chemical weapons was mandated.  In Anniston, Guardian air cleaners were placed in over 20,000 homes in the event of a chemical disaster.We are very pleased that the Austin Air Guardian 1 air purifier was chosen to protect American citizens.Trust us when we say it is Austin Air …for life. 
Guardian Warranty & Return Policy:The Guardian is not warranted and is not returnable.  Since the Guardian uses the same chassis, motor, & blower as the regular standard Austin Air HealthMate air purifiers, we suggest purchasing a Austin Air HEGA 2.1 air purifier with a spare Guardian replacement filter.  When you receive delivery of the order, you can easily remove the HEGA filter module and replace it with the Guardian module.  If you are not satisfied, you may return the HEGA 2.1 machine in it’s original configuration with the unused HEGA filter module installed within the normal manufacturer return limits of 30 days.  The Guardian filter is not returnable under any circumstances.  You are responsible for shipping charges in both directions in the event of a return.