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Instructions to adjust display resolution & color in Windows 95/98

The following adjustments will make your website viewing more pleasant.

If your display is capable of
1024x768 resolution than these instructions will eliminate toggling of the display to see information on the webpages. Obtaining a width of at least 1024 is the important parameter.  If you use a lower resolution than this you may also find that pages are cut off when printing.

NOTE: If you are experiencing sluggish download of webpages check your connection speed here

WARNING: If Windows notifies you that the computer must be restarted for the following changes to take effect and you select OK, your connection to the internet will be aborted.  You may select CANCEL and avoid this inconvenience but the display settings will remain unchanged.
Note the address of this website before restarting your computer!

Website Address:

  • To adjust display settings
    • Click the START button on task bar at bottom of screen
    • Click SETTINGS on popup menu
    • Double Click DISPLAY icon
    • Click the SETTINGS Tab
    • To change your screen resolution
      Under Desktop Area, drag the slider until the screen resolution is at least 800 x 600

      Note: Your monitor and display adapter determine whether you can change your screen resolution.
    • To change the number of colors your monitor displays
      In the Color Palette list, click the number of colors that you want your monitor to display.  For best presentation select True Color.

      Note: Your monitor and display adapter determine the maximum number of colors that can appear on your screen.
    • In the Font selection area Select Large Fonts
    • Place a check mark in the box at the bottom left. This will allow you to make future adjustments to the display by clicking on a computer icon on the right side of the task bar without opening the control panel.

  • Click OK



Worldwide Supplier of Air Purifiers, Air Cleaners, Air Filters, Dust Collectors, & Mist Collectors shipping from North America. 
Many, but not all models are displayed.  Air Purifiers are available with a variety of electrical options to meet the power standards of most countries.

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