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Models 500 & 950

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PDF 500/950 Brochure
PDF 500 Manual
PDF 950 Manual

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Models 500 & 950 Ceiling Flushmount
HEPA/UV Medical/Hospital Grade Air Cleaners for Isolation

Patent Pending

(updated versions of the PAS220 & PAS240)


Model 900 medical grade air cleaner (click to enlarge)

Model 900 medical grade air cleaner (click to enlarge)

The Models 500 & 950 are designed for use in hospitals, medical facilities, laboratories, and commerical areas for highly efficient particulate and pathogen removal.  Containing the technologies recommended by the CDC and Health Canada for infection control applications, the Models 500 and 950 are used to clean HVAC supply air, create positive, or negative pressure, or to clean and recirculate room air with the use of ducting.

Model 950
(click to enlarge)

Model 500 medical grade air cleaner (click to enlarge)

Model 500







  • Used to clean and recirculate room air, disinfect HVAC supply air, or clean exhaust air for the creation of negative pressure.
  • Certified HEPA filter removes dust and particulate (99.99% efficiency @0.3 microns)
  • UVGI lamps destroy airborne bacteria and viruses and prevent microbial growth on the HEPA filter
  • Negative Pressure Option filters and exhausts room air for the creation of negative pressure (air flows from room up through air cleaner)
  • Optional Recirculaton Kit used for in-room air cleaning and recirculation
  • Safety Interlock switch on all negative pressure UV units shuts power off when intake grill is removed.
  • "Lockable" 60 amp disconnect installed on each unit
  • All ceiling units come with a wall control box containing a digital HEPA monitor, indicator light(s), and optional hour meter
  • Optional Ceiling Positive Pressure (cleans air entering room from HVAC) units are available (air flow from ceiling down through air cleaner)



Model 500 Line Drawing Model 500 Manual
Model 950 Line Drawing Model 950 Manual




Model 500


Model 950

23 5/8"x47 5/8"x17"H


AIR FLOW (with clean filters)

Variable Speed

Model 500

100 to 500 CFM

@ 60 Hz


up to 415 CFM

@ 50 Hz

Model 950

220 to 950 CFM

@ 60 Hz


up to 775 CFM

@ 50 Hz

115V/60Hz/1 phase or 220V/50Hz/1 phase
Model 500  1.7 Amps at 115V/60Hz
Model 950  3.8 Amps at 115V/60Hz
Model 500 Installed:  75 lbs
Shipping   - lbs.
Model 950 Installed:  90 lbs
Shipping 145 lbs.
Model 500:
19¾"x19¾"x3½" HEPA
Certified 99.99% DOP
Reverse Gel Seal, Metal Frame
Model 950: 19¾"x43¾"x3½" HEPA
Certified 99.99% DOP
Reverse Gel Seal, Metal Frame
Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation
Model 500: Two 22" UV lamps
Model 950: Four 22" UV lamps
UV DOSAGE: 13,220 micro-watt sec/cm2

(Click here for pathogen kill dosages required)

Model 500: 20 gauge galvaneal
Model 950: 14 gauge aluminum housing

Both models have room side access to all components.

Model 500: Remote Off/On, Low, High
Model 950: Wall mounted in-room control box equipped with a full variable speed control, UV indicator light, digital HEPA monitor, and optional digital hour meter.
Model 500 installed: 60* dbA (high, ducted)
Model 950


58* db (high)

on bench: 65 db (high), @ 1 meter
  * Actual results will vary depending on installed  configuration and reflective properties of room.

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Many, but not all models are displayed.  Air Purifiers are available with a variety of electrical options to meet the power standards of most countries.

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