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Model XJ-2 Hepa/XJ-1000

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Negative Pressure Isolation Rooms Hospital Grade HEPA Air Cleaners & Filters for 2009 H1N1 Swine Flu, TB, & other contagions

Provides Negative & Positive Air Pressure Control and HEPA Filtration for Isolation Rooms and Other High Risk Areas in Hospitals, Medical, & Corrections/Law Enforcement Facilities

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MODEL XJ-2 (Negative Pressure Version Shown)
[May be customized to prevent inmate tampering for use in a correctional facility]

We strongly recommend the Model XJ2 Hospital Grade HEPA air cleaner for critical applications such as isolation.  The XJ2 was engineered from the bottom up with isolation applications in mind.  The design has been independently laboratory verified to deliver HEPA system efficiency from intake to exhaust at delivered air flows of up to 1,000 CFM (cubic feet per minute).  In it's standard form the XJ2 is configured for negative pressure isolation and is supplied with flexhose as part of the included window kit.  It may also be configured for filtration and recirculation by upgrading to the recirculation exhaust plenum and dropping the window kit from the configuration.

A Airborne infection isolation room (AIIR), commonly referred to as a negative pressure isolation room, has the following requirements:
  1. The isolation room air should be filtered at a rate of 12 times per hour, and,
  2. The air should move from the adjoining areas into the isolation room.
    • The ideal differential pressure between the isolation room and adjoining areas is greater than -2.5 Pa (0.01″ water gauge).
Assuming the typical hospital room is 14'x12'x8', or, 168 sqft with a 8 ft ceiling height.
In order to meet requirement #1 of 12 air filtrations per hour:
    • 269 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of HEPA filtered air flow is needed.
In order to meet requirement #2 for achievement of proper negative pressure:
    • The HVAC system should be providing at 6 - 8 air changes per hour (ACH).  Assuming 8 ACH, this corresponds to:
      • 180 CFM estimated for the Room dimension 14'x12'x8' ==> 180 + 50 = 230 CFM exhausted for negative pressure
The selection of equipment should be based on the requirement above which has the higher air flow value.  In this case, requirement #1  or 269 CFM, is the target design value.  The hospital grade HEPA air cleaning equipment we are proposing significantly exceeds these values and allows for soiling of filters with concomitant reduction of airflow as well as air flow reduction due to drag introduced by some ducting of the filtered exhaust.  In other words, the Model XJ2 could easily be operated at half it's rated air flow and meet the requirements with relatively quiet operation.
Additional information about room pressurization is available on our website at:
Also see:
Proposed equipment:
    • Model XJ2 Portable Hospital Grade HEPA air cleaner
      • Brochure
      • Operation Manual
      • Highlights:
        • Delivered Airflow: up to 1,000 CFM (infinitely variable)
        • Certified HEPA (99.999% @ 0.3 micron) system efficiency; not just the filter, although the XJ2 HEPA filter also carries it's own certification.
          • XJ2 equipment has been independently tested in its entirety and proven to be HEPA efficient as a complete unit, to 99.999% @ 0.3 micron efficiency, from intake to exhaust.
        • Backwards inclined blower to resist drop off in airflow as filters soil.
        • May be used for positive or negative pressure as well as recirculation
        • Optional tamper proof locking cover for the speed control
        • Reputation for quality and performance.
      • Optional Differential Room Pressure Monitor (3rd page of above link)
      • Quote Information Request: air purifiers, air cleaners, dust collectors, mist collectors, odor removers
Note that UVGI is not required by CDC and is not a substitute for HEPA efficiency performance.  The only requirement for the air cleaner is that it perform at HEPA efficiency from intake to exhaust.  Also see XJ2 & UV light.

Current Swine Flu information from Center for Disease Control (CDC) - opens in new window.


The Model XJ-1000 has undergone a redesign to further improve performance and has been redesignated the Model XJ-2.  Although the XJ-2 is essentially the same as the retired XJ-1000, there are some differences. 

The revised product brochure for the XJ-2, representing the latest information, is available by clicking here

Original Model XJ-1000 information follows:

Affordable and portable, compact and quiet, the new XJ-1000 assists you in complying with the CDC guidelines for converting ordinary patient care rooms into negative-pressure TB isolation rooms.

New medical-grade room air purifier is suitable for:

  • Hospitals
  • Extended-Care Facilities
  • Retirement Settings
  • Institutional Use

Key Features

  • Quiet

The XJ-1000's quiet operation design features include: 1) a backward curved, dynamically balanced impeller, 2) the quietest Air Volume Control in the industry, and 3) a sound-dampening blower baffle. Sound levels are reduced to as low as 35 dBA at 114 CFM and only 66 dBA at 775 CFM.* The Air Volume Control also allows your staff to regulate the fan speed to minimize air flow sound. This feature is especially useful when smaller room sizes allow lower air flow rates while still complying with the 12 air changes per hour (12 ACH) specified in the CDC Guidelines.

*As per accepted industry practice, sound was measured 4' away from the XJ-1000 and includes normal background noise.

  • Filtration Technology

The new 3M Filtrete prefilter protects the XJ-1000's certified High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter (HEPA), ensuring maximum filtration efficiency. This highly-efficient pre-filter reduces maintenance costs, allowing longer life for the HEPA filter.

  • Room Pressure Monitor

Our Digital Room Pressure Monitor accessory gives the CDC-specified position verification that the XJ-1000 is maintaining negative pressure in the isolation room.

  • Easy Installation/Compact Design

The new XJ-1000 is quick and easy to install. It is available in negative pressure, positive pressure, and recirculating models. For the popular negative pressure option: 1) roll the XJ-1000 up to the room's window opening, 2) insert the vent adapter in the window opening, 3) connect the flexible duct, and 4) plug it in! Removing microorganisms from up to 1000 cubic feet of air per minute, the XJ-1000 will provide the CDC-specified 12 ACH for rooms of up to 555 square feet with nine-foot ceilings. With dimensions of only 52¼" tall, 26½" wide, and 14" deep, the XJ-1000 can handle large rooms up to 20' by 27'.
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  • Other Configurations

XJ-1000 Recirculating Version

When negative-pressure ventilation is not feasible due to building constraints, the recirculating model facilitates compliance with CDC Guidelines for interior rooms. The XJ-1000's certified 99.97% efficient HEPA filter allows recirculating air filtration and microbe removal. In addition, positive pressure configurations are available. All versions of the XJ-1000 are available as either upflow or downflow models to suit your facilities specific requirements.

  • Installation Options

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    Photo A: Vertical wall mount installation.
    Photo B: Horizontal wall mount installation.
    Photo C: Center exhaust port used with perforated cover.
    Photo D: Negative pressure installation using center port.

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  • Accessories
    • Wall-Mounting Brackets may be ordered instead of standard wheeled base for tight quarters or when floor space is limited. The XJ-1000 may be mounted either vertically or horizontally.
    • Room Pressure Monitor digitally displays either positive or negative pressure within a room.
    • Security Cover is available for placement over the control panel. This clear, molded, plastic cover comes with two keys.
    • Conversion Kits for changing a negative or positive XJ-1000 into a recirculation unit.
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  • Highlights

1 Quiet backward curved, dynamically- balanced impeller and sound-dampening blower baffle reduce to minimum levels.

2 The XJ-1000's top-quality variable voltage air volume control is silent in operation (no triac-speed controller motor hum). Large, ergonomically-designed Air Volume Control Knob provides infinitely variable control to precisely calibrate the XJ-1000's air flow to the room size.

3 Mini-helic pressure gauge monitors filter status.

4 Convenient heavy duty quarter-turn fasteners stay on access panel during service. No screws to be lost when changing the 3M Filtrete prefilter or the HEPA filter.

5 Shown Photo C above, perforated exhaust port covers are included with the XJ-1000 (negative or positive configuration only. If room conditions allow, these may be used to balance isolation room negative pressure with partial recirculation to minimize heating/cooling costs while meeting CDC Guidelines.

6 Shown Photo D above, built-in handles on door and front of unit access to filters for quick and easy change-out.

  • Features not shown
    • Uniform pressure for the critical HEPA filter seal  is ensured by a) filter bracket geometry, and b) positive application of pressure by locking screws (other units simply wedge the HEPA filter in place).
    • XJ-1000 is shipped fully-assembled and ready for roll-in installation.
    • The XJ-1000 total recirculation model has a plenum configured for minimum sound levels consistent with maximum room air circulation.


  • Specifications (Click Here for Printable Product Literature)

WEIGHT: . 140 lbs. installed
AIR FLOW CAPABILITY: Adjustable from 115 CFM to 1000CFM.
Preset Points in Air Volume Control
Max: 1000 CFM at 1.4" water column
High: 775 CFM at 1.0" water column
Med: 400 CFM at 0.5" water column
Low: 114 CFM at 0.1" water column
MICROBIAL FILTER: HEPA (99.97% DOP efficient at 0.3 microns)
PRE-FILTER: 3M Filtrete™ (80-85% ASHRAE efficient)
FILTER PRESSURE GAUGE: Mini-helic 0" to 3" range
POWER REQUIREMENTS: 115 Vac, 60Hz, 4Amps, 400 Watts
SOUND LEVELS: (At 4 feet from XJ-1000)
Negative and Positive Pressure Models:
Low Speed: 35d8A, Med Speed: 56 dBA, Hi Speed: 66 dBA
Recirculation Models:
Low Speed: 37 dBA, Med Speed: 57 dBA, Hi Speed: 68 dBA
CABINET: Heavy-gauge, welded steel cabinet with Autumn White, hospital-grade, powder coat finish.
BASE: Standard base includes four swivel casters. (Optional wall mount brackets may be ordered instead of wheeled base.)



XJ-1000 Configurations


Order No.

Negative Pressure Upflow (Standard Unit) 00283
Negative Pressure Downflow 00282
Positive Pressure Upflow 00280
Positive Pressure Downflow 00281
Recirculation Upflow 00272
Recirculation Downflow 00279

Click here - for UV Light and the XJ-1000

Pricing  Click Here


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Many, but not all models are displayed.  Air Purifiers are available with a variety of electrical options to meet the power standards of most countries.

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