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Common Airborne Contaminants in the Home


    After controlling the sources, you can now take aggressive action to remove indoor air pollution from your home.
    Most doctors will advise to avoid substances that provoke allergies. But medical advice too often stops here - Real preventive health in your home means going after offensive allergens and chemicals and positively eliminating them.
    Air filtration traps particles and gases, leaving your air purified of offensive substances.
    You should be aware that the only air cleaning system accepted by the medical and scientific communities is true medical HEPA medium for particles and the combination of activated carbon and natural zeolite for gases.
    For air cleaning effectiveness, with the highest standards of both HEPA and carbon / zeolite filtration, the HealthMate Air Cleaners are your most powerful weapon against indoor air pollution.

air cleaners air purifiers Smokemaster Miracleair Austin Air HealthMate (29990 bytes) (Click image to enlarge)

1. Insulation: In Europe, the jagged edged particles of fiberglass are of even greater concern than asbestos, which can still be found in older houses. Urethane is a further concern.
2. Pressed wood in furniture and flooring: manufactured with formaldehyde,which is released as gas.
3. Dry cleaning: source of toxic toluenes and PERC
4. Dust mites: the excreta and body parts of these organisms are a common allergen, a particular problem in bedrooms.
5. Lead: found in older paints and plumbing pipes.
6. Aerosols in personal care products: a common source of organic gases, some of which are suspected carcinogens.
7. Gas stove: can be a source of combustion by-products.
8. Household cleaning products: can contain many harmful volatile chemicals.
9. Pesticides: source of extremely toxic chemicals that can be released into indoor air
10. Smoke from fireplace or wood stove: open fireplaces can produce ash dust, carcinogenic tars and combustion by-products like carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides.
11. Wall coverings: plasticized wallpapers can emit VOC's, wood paneling is often manufactured with formaldehyde.
12. Draperies: treated fabrics can contain formaldehyde. Curtain folds collect dust.
13. Tobacco smoke: tobacco smoke contains 43 carcinogens, the danger to nonsmokers from second-hand smoke, especially children, is now becoming recognized.
14. Carpets: source of formaldehyde. Harbor dust, dust mites and animal dander.
15. Paints and solvents: these are sources of many volatile chemicals, which are easily vaporized.
16. Fuels: storage of gasoline, kerosene, and other fuels can release volatile chemicals into household air.
17. Pet dander: animal hair and skin flakes are a common source of allergens.
18. Auto exhaust: such fumes can enter the home from the garage or nearby traffic flow. Carbon monoxide is the primary danger, and has a cumulative effect in the human system.
19. Asbestos: the particles of this carcinogen can be released into the air if asbestos insulation or pipe cladding is disturbed during house repairs. Asbestos fibers reside in lung tissue and can cause lung cancer or emphysema.
20. Radon: radon gas is a natural emission where uranium exists underground. Radon carries radioactive particles that can be a dangerous cause of lung cancer

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Many, but not all models are displayed.  Air Purifiers are available with a variety of electrical options to meet the power standards of most countries.

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